Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

I had a chance to play around with Oracle Cloud for an week while learning to obtain the Architect Associate certification. I always wondered about the Tier-2 cloud platforms and as a cloud architect was naturally curious to know how they compare with Azure and AWS. TLDR; It has a few bright sparks in IAAS and not surprisingly in Oracle DB offerings but overall not developer friendly and severely lagging behind what Azure and AWS offers today.

Secure High Availability API Architecture in Azure - Part1

Describes a High Availability architecture for API apps hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. In this series I will show how to configure a multi-region deployed, fully secure API app hosted in App Services and published in Azure API Management. Part 1 will start with simplest possible solution using public PAAS services only.

Starting a New Blog

This is my first on this new Blog that I just created. In this post I say a few words on why I started to blog. I also describe how I used Hugo, Netlify and Cloudflare to build and host this blog site. Finally a few tips to configure the security settings for the site.